Dow Brook Advisory Services offers a wide range of services to enterprise software providers. Our flagship Insight On-Demand Subscription Service provides the critical insight that key software executives need on a timely basis to make sound strategic and tactical decisions. Dow Brook also offers high-value Premium Strategic Services, as well as tactical Market Development and Lead Generation Services. Please continue reading below for more detailed descriptions of these services.

Insight On-Demand Subscription Service

The Dow Brook Insight On-Demand Subscription Service is for enterprise software providers who need to interact with a seasoned industry analyst – on an impromptu and timely basis – to gain insight into specific issues on which they must quickly make an informed decision. The service is designed for exchanges that can be completed in about an hour; client needs for extended engagement with Dow Brook (e.g. strategic planning assistance or custom research projects) are fulfilled through our Premium Strategy Services offerings.

Some common client uses of the Dow Brook Insight On-Demand Subscription Service include scheduled or impromptu inquiries related to:

  • specific issues related to client's market strategy and its tactical execution
  • published Dow Brook research and opinion
  • macro-economic and high-level enterprise software market trends
  • enterprise software market structure
  • enterprise software customer requirements
  • actual or anticipated events in the enterprise software market

In addition to the ability to make an unlimited number of relatively brief inquiries, clients subscribing to the Dow Brook Insight On-Demand Subscription Service on an annual basis also benefit from:

  • access to Dow Brook research and opinion on our blog and in our document library
  • alerts of breaking news in the enterprise software market communicated via Twitter, email, or phone
  • regular, frequent opportunities to brief Dow Brook and receive detailed, constructive feedback
  • Dow Brook contacts with members of the press on their behalf (one-time quotes and on-going references)
  • Dow Brook contacts with potential investors on their behalf

The core Annual subscription is ideal for executives who want to make unlimited inquiries and receive other services on a frequent, semi-regular basis. It is packaged in options that enable client companies to procure services for the appropriate number of employees.

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Market Strategy Services

Dow Brook Premium Strategy Services are for enterprise software providers seeking to gain deep, mission critical insight that will shape their product and service offerings, and change the way that they do business. These services help vendors better define, launch, market, and sell their products and services in the highly competitive enterprise software market.

Dow Brook offers the following specific strategic services to our clients:

Offering Roadmap Review: A detailed review of the existing or draft roadmap for a product or service that yields validation and suggestions for revision. Dow Brook engages your key internal stakeholders (senior management, product management, development, marketing, sales, professional services) in a dialog that produces a common understanding of the market for your product or service and a mutually accepted vision for its future. We collaboratively build a plan that ensures that you will deliver appropriate functionality to profit-producing customers in a timeframe that matches their needs and ensures your competitive viability. Dow Brook also guides clients in portfolio planning efforts to rationalize and optimize roadmaps for multiple products or services.

Marketecture Design (positioning & messaging): Dow Brook will work with your marketing staff to build a comprehensive promotional structure, in which your offerings are assigned a differentiated market position and tiered, related messaging of their value propositions. The result is a strategic marketing framework that guides all marketing activities – from corporate brand awareness to lead generation efforts for specific offerings.

Go-to-Market Planning: A detailed review of your current or anticipated channel strategy for a specific offering or for your entire portfolio. Dow Brook explores various partnering opportunities that your organization may pursue and recommends those that will have the greatest impact on your revenue and profitability.

Sales Training: Dow Brook works with your sales team, enabling them to better present exist offerings and new ones. We coach your team on communicating specific value propositions for your offerings and addressing questions about competitors offerings. This training has the strongest impact when given following a Marketecture Design engagement in which new positioning and messaging have been created for one or more offerings.

Mergers & Acquisitions Analysis: Dow Brook leads clients through a structured analysis of opportunities to combine with other organizations or to sell your business. This service complements the advice of investment banks by providing a deeper understanding of specific market dynamics than they typically possess.

Custom Research: Dow Brook will design and conduct research that helps you test specific hypotheses about current and potential customers in the enterprise software market. At the conclusion of the research study, we will present the results, interpret findings, and make actionable recommendations.

Dow Brook Premium Strategy Services complement our Insight On-Demand Subscription Service, which is designed to supply clients immediate access to limited, yet emphatic, analysis.  Our Premium Strategy Services offer software providers deeper insight into the enterprise software market and its various subcategories.

Our strategy formulation services are frequently bundled with Dow Brook's Market Development and Lead Generation Services, which focus on the tactical execution of corporate strategy. That services bundle supplies a holistic offering that covers both strategy development and implementation for enterprise software providers.

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Market Development and Lead Generation Services

Dow Brook Market Development and Lead Generation Services offer enterprise software providers tactical marketing vehicles that communicate the differentiated positioning and value propositions associated with their products or services. Clients use these deliverables, which create third-party validation for their offerings, to build awareness, educate potential buyers, and feed the sales funnel.

Dow Brook offers the following specific deliverables to our clients:

Guest Blogging: Dow Brook will write a blog post, or a series of entries, on your blog site as a guest author. Reference entries are simultaneously published on the Meanders: The Dow Brook Blog, driving additional traffic to your site.

Case Study: We interview your customer and document their experience with your product or service in a written deliverable. Dow Brook branded case studies are effective tools with which to communicate the winning experiences enjoyed by your reference customers to potential buyers. Case studies may also be delivered as webinars and podcasts.

White Paper: Dow Brook authors a document that describes emerging business challenges and opportunities that can be addressed by your offering. Our clients have found our white papers to be effective tools for communicating positioning of their offerings, especially when a new market category is being created as an output of our Premium Strategy Services. Dow Brook white papers are typically 8-12 pages long.

Webinar: Dow Brook provides a guest speaker to discuss mutually agreed upon topics, either in presentation or live interview format. Dow Brook clients frequently use webinars to highlight content from case studies and white papers authored by Dow Brook.

Podcast: Dow Brook participates in recorded presentations or interviews on topics of interest to your existing and potential customers. Podcasts are an effective alternative or supplementary channel through which to communicate the positioning and value propositions of your offerings, as well as positive customer experiences with your products and services.

Road Show: Dow Brook provides a guest speaker to introduce and frame the larger trends that are driving the business needs that your offerings address. These presentations set the context for your solution by describing specific business challenges and opportunities, setting the stage for you to position your offering as a feasible solution.

User Group Address: An in-person or virtual address on a topic of your choice, usually given to a select group of your best customers. Dow Brook clients use these presentations to educate their existing customers on key issues in specific segments of the enterprise software market. When possible, these sessions are highly interactive so your customers become even more engaged with the issue and your solution.

Multi-Vendor Study: Dow Brook creates visionary documents that educate potential buyers about nascent enterprise software market categories and solutions within those segments. These works create awareness and produce leads for all vendors in that market and, therefore, are co-sponsored by several of those vendors. Multi-vendor studies are also good communication vehicles when a software provider wishes to work with partners to address a business issue that is larger than their respective software categories.

Clients often procure multiple Market Development and Lead Generation Services at the same time to create comprehensive campaigns that deliver results. One or more of these services is also frequently bundled with Dow Brook Premium Strategy Services to instantiate the strategy that they develop.

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